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CBM Phd Award 2018/2019

24.03.2020|12:10 Uhr|Karl-Heinz Kampert

Ievgenii Kres receives the 2018/2019 CBM PhD-Award for his thesis "Optimization of the CBM-RICH detector geometry and its use for the reconstruction of neutral mesons using conversion method"

As part of the opening session of the CBM-Collaboration on March 24, 2020, the CBM Collaboration honoured Ievgenii Kres with the 2018/2019 CBM PhD-Award. The Thesis was defended in February 2019 at University Wuppertal and selection criteria for the award are originality, innovation, impact, completeness, and presentation style. The price includes an amount of money and a certificate. Another award was given to Hanna Malygina from Frankfurt University.

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