Fakultät für Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften

GETA: Astroparticlephysics part

Lecture Mon 14:00 + Thu 14:15, F.13.11

Exercise Fri. 13:45 Compass (D.11.03) or F.13.17

Wusel entry of the lecture and exercise.

Contents of Astroparticle part:

  1. General introduction to AT and connection to accelerator based and theoretical particle physics (15.10.2018)
  2. Astronomical sources of (ultra high) energetic particles (22.10.2018, 29.10.2018)
  3. Propagation from the sources to Earth (05.11.2018)
  4. Interactions in propagation (29.11.2018)
  5. Propagation of nuclei and magnetic fields (03.12.2018)
  6. Propagation fits of source features to observables
  7. Extensive Airshower - longitudinal and lateral development (06.12.2018), effect of the primary (10.12.2018) and detection (fluorescence&particle) with the Pierre Auger Observatory (10.12.2018)
  8. Dark Matter - cosmological & astronomical evidence (10.12.2018)
  9. Neutrinos in AT (20.12.2018)
  10. Neutrinobservatories (31.01.2019)
  11. Direct DM detection

Exercises in Compass computer lab or F.13.17:

  1. Cosmic ray spectrum and cosmic accelerators (19.10.2018)
  2. Fermi-acceleration and geomagnetic cut-off (02.11.2018)
  3. Electromagnetic shower and analysis of Pierre Auger Observatory (07.12.2018)
  4. Neutrino osscillation and dark matter scattering (11.01.2019)


C. Grupen: Astroteilchenphysik (Vieweg)

Klapdor-Kleingrothaus & Zuber: Teilchenastrophysik (Teubner)

T. Stanev: High-Energy Cosmic Rays (Springer)

T.K. Gaisser, R Engel, E. Resconi: Cosmic Rays and Particle Physics (Cambridge Univ. Press)

D. Perkins: Particle Astrophysics (Oxford Master Series)

Geschichte: arxiv-1207.4827

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