Fakultät für Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften

Astroteilchenphysik I

Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Kampert

Vorlesung und Übung (V2Ü1).

Termin Vorlesung (WUSEL-Eintrag):

Mi. 15:30-17:00, F.13.11

Termin Übung (WUSEL-Eintrag):

Fr. 11:00 - 11:45, F.13.15

Dr. Eric Mayotte, F.11.03, 3736

AT Exercises:

Ex01 , Ex02, Ex03, Ex04, Ex05, Ex06, Ex07, Ex08, Ex09, Ex10

Literatur Astroteilchenphysik

T.K. Gaisser, R. Engel, E. Resconi: Cosmic Rays and Particle Physics (Cambridge Univ. Press)

G. Sigl, Astroparticle Physics: Theory and Phenomenology, (Atlantis Press 2916)

M.S. Longair: High Energy Astrophysics (Cambridge Univ. Press)

T. Stanev: High-Energy Cosmic Rays (Springer)

R. Schlickeiser: Cosmic Ray Astrophysics (Springer)

D. Perkins: Particle Astrophysics (Oxford Master Series)

C. Grupen: Astroteilchenphysik (Vieweg)

Kampert & Watson: Historical Review on UHECRs arxiv-1207.4827

Tentative Outline (subject to changes)

1. Big Picture: A Quick Overview (lecture 1)
• Cosmic Ray Energy Spectrum
• Source candidates: galactic and extragalactic
• The Three High-Energy Messengers:

charged CRs / GeV-TeV γ-Astronomy / ν-Astronomy
• The Fourth Messenger: Gravitational waves

2. Some Basics (all condensed to a minimum)
• Differential and Integral Particle and Energy Fluxes, Exposure, … (lecture 2)
• Cosmic Dimensions (lecture 3)
• Astronomical Coordinate Systems
• Cosmology in a Nutshell:
 (lecture 4)
Bing Bang, Cosmic Expansion, Background radiations,
 Large Scale Structure

3. UHECR source candidates: the usual suspects…
• Dimensional Requirements (Emax of UHECR)
• Basics on Acceleration (lecture 5)
• AGN (Active Galactic Nucleus) (lecture 6)
• Blazars (lecture 7)
• GRB (Gamma Ray Bursts)
• Neutronstar Mergers, Black Hole Mergers
• SBG (Starburst Galaxies)
• Hillas Diagram and sources therein (lecture 8)
• Energy injection requirement plot and sources therein

4. From Source to Earth: Propagation
• Photon Propagation: Pair Production in background fields (lecture 9)
• Proton Propagation: Bethe-Heitler energy losses
• Proton Propagation: Photo-Pion Production (GZK effect) (lecture 10)
• Propagation of Nuclei: Photodisintegration
• Production of cosmogenic photons and neutrinos and comparison to data (lecture 11)
• The Role of Magnetic Fields (lecture 12)
- Galactic Magnetic Fields (GMF)
- Extragalactic Magnetic Fields (EGMF)

5. Multi-Messenger: Recent Results
• UHECR-Neutrino Connection: Waxman-Bahcall
• UHECR-Neutrino: directional correlations
 (lecture 13)
• Neutrino-GW correlations
• Neutrino-g_ray correlation: TXS 0506-056

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