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University of  Wuppertal
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Astroparticle Physics

Prof. Dr. K.-H. Kampert,
Prof. Dr. K. Helbing


Monika Starke

Room F.11.14
Gaußstr. 20
D-42119 Wuppertal

phone:  +49 (0)202 439-2640
fax:       +49 (0)202 439-2662



  • International agreement for the Pierre Auger Observatorium
    The Pierre-Auger-Observatorium will be continued to 2025 and extended to AugerPrime:With additional...[more]

Welcome ...

... to the web pages of the astroparticle physics group at the mathematics and science department of the university of Wuppertal.

Here you find informations about our current research interest and projects, publications and contact informations of the members and partners of our group. Students can also provide themselves with informations about courses and lectures organized currently or in the past by member of this group.

Fig: Building F (left) on the campus Grifflenberg houses our group on the eleventh floor.